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Why other business professionals are flourishing at TKO

My experience with TKO Suites has gone above my expectations. The space is well kept, my office had everything I needed and the staff went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. I don’t feel like a client, I feel like a friend. Although I am remote now, I continue to use TKO Suites as the company address and Danny supports me so I never have to worry about not being there.

We have been clients at 1521 Concord Executive Center for 8 years (my guess) and have experienced a high level of top notch customer services delivered by a friendly & professional staff. The TKO business model suits our specialized needs in a unique hybrid model, that offers a flexible for our facilities with some dedicated office space, shared services included in the pricing, and allocation of conference room, kitchen, front desk. The value is great and the cost is very reasonable.

I have an office with TKO suites in Reston and am extremely happy. I chose it for location and value; however, have discovered how truly helpful they are for me and my business. When I first arrived, a client mailed a check and inadvertently left off the suite number. The management team sent someone out to check with every suite and empty space to see if it had been delivered anywhere in the building. Very helpful for me to properly direct my client to the next, best step. I am also constantly receiving compliments on how professional Danny is, who answers phones and manages day-to-day. He is very helpful with whatever your needs may be. I would highly recommend TKOSuites.

Regula Forensics, Inc. has been a client of Source Office Suites (now TKO Suites), Reston Office, for over ten years. Overall it was and still is a great experience and an excellent service overall. TKO staff is very responsive to all of our needs and ready to go for “an extra mile” to ensure that residents like us have all we need to succeed in our business.

Having an office in TKO suites was one of the best decisions we made. The staff at TKO are super friendly and helpful. Whatever you need in an office setting is in one place. They help with scheduling conference rooms, keeping the office super clean and organized, and help with the visitors that are coming to see you. We couldn't be happier with TKO suites. If you are looking for an office location and staff to help you achieve your goals, TKO suites is the place to be!

TKO Suites has been extremely helpful during our rental of temporary space. Office Manager, Debby Dowdy, has been stupendous. She is organized and professional with excellent communication skills. She has been an important asset to our firm during our time at TKO. Debby knows the importance of giving timely notice of all mail and packages. She responds to emails and calls immediately. Debby is always available and willing to help with a can-do positive attitude. We would highly recommend TKO Suites!