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Mailbox Rentals

Mailbox and Forwarding Services

​Provides you with the minimal separation needed between your business and personal life.  Don't have an unannounced client come to your house only to find that you don't a professional business address and work from home.  Use our mailbox services to give your clients the impression that you have a real business address.  Any unannounced guests will be told that you are not in at the moment.  You can't get that with a PO Box!

Have an office outside NY and looking to provide a New York City Presence?  Our mailbox services will do just that. Whether you have clients in New York city, are looking to find some, or just want to boost your company's profile, maintaining a Manhattan address will do just that.


You don’t want your clients to find out that you do not have a land based mailing address and work from home. Our mailbox rentals will prevent that from happening. Make us your source for cheap mailbox rental services and authenticate your business with a real business address.