"The 42 Broadway location is really key for me. Being around pretty much every NYC subway line allows me to easily reach all my clients quickly"Rafael F.IT Manager


Renting at an executive office suite provides a wide variety of benefits over a traditional office space.

Our office spaces are only a fraction of the price you would incur should you need to equip and staff a conventional office space.  No need to hire a receptionist when we can provide one for you at no additional charge.  At only a small additional cost, you can have someone answer you phone calls with your own custom greeting.  You don’t need to worry about variable utility costs, maintaining your office, purchasing office furniture, or even buying office supplies.  All is included in our office plans!

No Up Front Investment
All our offices come fully furnished with customizable layouts.  No need to pay for furniture upfront, no need to pay someone to build out your own custom office, and no need to purchase all your equipment (fax, printer, copier, phones, etc.).  All is included at our locations.

By leaving your backend office support to us, your company and employees can focus on growing your business.

We do not require long term commitments. So why pay for an office which you plan on growing into when you can have the flexibility of renting an office when you need it.  Our short term plans allow you to rent a 2 person office when you are starting out and as you grow, offer you the flexibility of either moving up to a 4 person office or just taking a second office with us.

Exceptional Technology Backend Services
Our state of the art phone system allows a 1 person company to appear as though they are a 100 person enterprise.  Some features include auto attendants, call forwarding when unanswered, calls answered by a live receptionist and much more.

Networking Opportunities
With over 40 companies at our location, what better place to network than here.  All our tenants are small businesses just like you.